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  题目:Introduction on Atmospheric Test Rig for Development of Gas Turbine Burner and Measurements for Thermoacoustic
  主讲:Antonio Ferrante
  时间:8月17日(周五) 下午 2:00-3:30
  地点:mg4355 1517报告厅
  安东尼奥.费尔兰特 先生是意大利燃烧与环境研究中心(Centro Combustione Ambiente, CCA)的高级工程师,从1997年开始就一直在CCA的燃气轮机常压测试台上开展全尺寸燃气轮机燃烧室的性能测试工作,其中就包括安萨尔多(Ansaldo)重型燃机企业为西西里岛新一代 IGCC 电厂研制的合成气燃料燃气轮机。在过去的20多年里,安东尼奥先生在燃烧实验台的设计、各种测量技术的应用、燃烧实验的开展及预算优化控制等方面积累了非常丰富的经验。他的研究领域主要包括:火焰的可视化测量及图像处理;光电器件在热声现象检测和测量中的应用;发电厂火焰检测系统的设计与安装;监视控制与数据采集系统(SCADA)App的开发。此外,他还主持及参与了多个欧盟及意大利政府的科研项目。
  The lecture will provide an overview of the experimental activities carried out over the last 20 years on gas turbine burners at the CCA, Italy. Lecture is divided in two parts.
1) The experimental plants currently installed will be presented and the types of experiments performed on them will be illustrated. The atmospheric rig tests, although not reproducing the real conditions of a gas turbine, nevertheless allow to obtain a lot of information on the performance of burner prototypes or to highlight the effects of modifications on them in terms of pollutant emissions, flame stability, proneness to flash back phenomena, etc.
2) An introduction to thermoacoustic will be shown and experiments to characterize burners from thermoacoustic point of view will be presented. As an example measurement of flame burner transfer performed during test campaign will be presented.


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