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  主讲:颜清宇 副教授
  时间:2018年6月5日14: 30
  主讲概况:颜清宇,新加坡南洋理工大学材料科学与工程学院副教授。在南京大学材料科学与工程系获得学士学位、纽约州立大学材料科学与工程系获得博士学位。之后,加入伦斯勒理工学院材料科学与工程系,担任博士后研究助理。2008年,加入新加坡南洋理工大学材料科学与工程学院,担任助理教授,2013年晋升为副教授。现任新加坡电化学学会主席、英国皇家化学会士和Materials Research Express(IOP Journal)成员,在热电材料和纳米晶体的电化学性质两大领域发表280余篇论文,共引用15000余次,h-index为64。

  主讲内容:Thermoelectric (TE) materials, which can convert heat into electricity and generate temperature gradient for cooling purpose, have been extensively studied for clean and reliable energy harvesting systems. He will discuss some of the progress in his group regarding the devleopment of TE materials including PbTe, carbon based ones. In particular, He will discuss on a defect chemistry approach in SnSe2 nanoplate-based pellets, in which the nanoplates show preferable orientation of the (001) planes along the primary surface of the pellet (in-plane). After simultaneous introduction of Se deficiency and Cl doping, the Fermi level of SnSe2 shifts towards the conduction band, resulting in two orders of magnitude increase in carrier concentration and a transition degenerate transport behaviour. In addition, all-scale hierarchical phonon scattering centres, such as point defects, nanograin boundaries, stacking faults and the layered nanostructures cooperate to produce very low lattice thermal conductivity. As a result, an enhanced in-plane ZTmax of 0.63 was achieved for 1.5 at% Cl doped SnSe1.95 pellet at 673 K, which is much higher than the corresponding in-plane ZT of pure SnSe2 (0.08).


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