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  题目:Oxygen Electrocatalysis on Transition Metal Spinel Oxides
  主讲:Zhichuan J. Xu (徐梽川) 教授
  时间:2018年06月05日09: 00

  主讲概况:Zhichuan (Jason) Xu is an associate professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. He received his PhD degree in Electroanalytical Chemistry at 2008 and B.S. degree in Chemistry at 2002 from Lanzhou University, China. His PhD training was received in Lanzhou University (2002-2004), Institute of Physics, CAS (2004-2005), and Brown University (2005-2007). Since 2007, he worked in State University of New York at Binghamton as a Research Associate and from 2009 he worked in Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Postdoctoral Researcher.  He has published more than 100 journal papers, including Joule, Journal of the American Chemistry Society, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Chemistry of Materials, ACS Catalysis, Small, etc. The citation times is up to 6900, and h-index is 38. Dr. Xu is member of International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and The Electrochemistry Society (ECS). He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC). He served as a guest editor for the special issue ICEI2016 of Electrochimica Acta. He also services as an associate editor for Nano-Micro Letters and the vice president of ECS Singapore Section.

  主讲内容:Exploring efficient and low cost oxygen electrocatalysts for ORR and OER is critical for developing renewable energy technologies like fuel cells, metal-air batteries, and water electrolyzers. This presentation will presents a systematic study on oxygen electrocatalysis (ORR and OER) of transition metal spinel oxides. Starting with a model system of Mn-Co spinel, the presentation will introduce the correlation of oxygen catalytic activities of these oxides and their intrinsic chemical properties. The catalytic activity was measured by rotating disk technique and the intrinsic chemical properties were probed by synchrotron X-ray absorption techniques. It was found that molecular orbital theory is able to well-explain their activities. The attention was further extended from cubic Mn-Co spinels to tetragonal Mn-Co spinels and it was found that the molecular theory is again dominant in determining the catalytic activies. This mechanistic principle is further applied to explain the ORR/OER activities of other spinels containing other transition metals (Fe, Ni, Zn, Li, and etc.).
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