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    主讲概况:杨授印,台湾虎尾科技大学教授,研究专长:燃烧与能源利用。博士毕业于台湾中央大学,2004-2005期间在美国普林斯顿大学C. K. Law课题组做博士后研究。先后开展过高压环境中合成气燃烧特性及化学反应动力学机理、生物质制备燃料技术及应用、洁净煤燃烧技术方面的研究。特别是近些年重点开展了生物质快速热裂解制油技术、高温焦炭分离技术、生物质热解油的应用技术及生物质炭焙技术方面的研究。在Powder Technology, Combustion and Flame, Energy等国际燃烧领域顶级期刊上发表了众多文章,其中,2007年发表于Proceedings of the Combustion Institute期刊的文章单篇被引超过310次。先后承担国家自然基金委、工业技术研究中心、中国钢铁总企业的众多重点、重大项目。

    主讲内容:Spray combustion is widely applied to existing power machinery, proving that it is a main technology used to provide power. This is also the reason why a large quantity of carbon dioxide is emitted from fossil fuels of spray combustion. Liquid biofuel is a potential renewable resource for spray combustion. This study thus probed into the application of the bio-oil generated from lignocellulosic biomass through pyrolysis to the engine and the characteristics of spray combustion and droplet combustion. According to the results, different lignocellulosic biomass generated bio-oil with different components through slow pyrolysis; the bio-oil had different viscosity coefficients, heat value, and moisture ratio; these physical characteristics led to the mixed characteristics of petroleum fuel and further changed the pulverization and combustion of the nozzle. Adding bio-oil into petroleum fuel increased the viscosity of liquid fuel; hence, the number of big droplets outside the spray cone increased, which resulted in incomplete combustion. As for the small droplets inside, the volatilization components in the bio-oil shortened the area of spray combustion and led to slagging on the mouth and chamber wall of the nozzle. However, the moisture in the boil-oil drove the droplets to generate a micro-explosion during combustion, increasing the efficiency of combustion. If the proportion of the added bio-oil is too large, then the heat value decreases and the efficiency of combustion declines. Therefore, this paper discusses the problems in the application of bio-oil to spray combustion and offers the solutions.





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