Monday, April 7, 2014

Date Night at the Airport - Guest Post

We all love to travel, but none of us actually like the airport. But thanks to Chandra Jacobs, co-founder of  Tripchi, an awesome new airport app, we can make the most of our airport experience. Not only that, we can make into, dare I say, a romantic experience! And to prove it, Chandra shares with us all the sexy things you can do at the airport with your main squeeze! Enjoy!


Date Night at the Airport

By Chandra Jacobs

With Valentine’s Day having come and gone, I wanted to focus on some lesser-known airport activities for the honeymooner or couple travelers in search of romance. You may not believe me when I say that the airport is a great place for a night out with that special someone, and a place that you can find romance – here are some ideas to convince you otherwise.

1. Date night

Little did you know you can start your perfect trip out on the right foot at the airport. Leave yourself plenty of extra time before you jet set on a late-night flight to Europe for a romantic dinner at the airport. This has several benefits, least of all is avoiding eating bad airplane food. You get to spend more time with your guy or lady while not being stressed out about missing your flight. And, believe it or not there are some great airport dining choices these days. If you’re flying through Boston be sure to check out local favorite Legal Sea Foods. While in Washington Dulles, the two of you are sure to love Vino Volo (a wine bar that specializes in small plates to share).  In LAX’s Bradley Terminal? Relax with Champagne and Caviar at Petrossian’s Champagne and Caviar Bar.

2. Chocolates and Perfume

Ah the miracles of Duty Free, where the world’s luxury brands and merchandise are brought to you all in one place. Take your pick of a snack to bring onboard and share with your loved one – from Godiva, Toblerone, Ghiradelli, Cadbury’s, and Ferrero Rochet– the choices are endless, and delicious. You’ll wish you bought more. And, don’t forget picking up a few romantic scents for yourself or for your partner. Just refrain from using them until you get to your destination because nobody likes to sit next to the person doused in perfume or cologne!

3. Couples Massage (sort of)

Since you got to the airport so early to take advantage of some quality time with your lucky lad or lady, why not indulge before your fab dinner in some pampering? Whether it’s a mani-pedi you want (or even that he secretly wants), or a back rub to ease that luggage-dragging tension, airports now have great spa amenities. One of my favorites is XpresSpa, now in many airports across the U.S. The best part is that they have real masseuses (actually trained in massage). How do I know this? My masseuse in Cambridge, MA moonlights at XpresSpa and this was straight from her mouth to my ears…to your eyes!

XpresSpa for a romantic couples massage...sort of

4. What’s romance without jewelry?

Whether you’re in the market for a nice watch or a gorgeous necklace, or a funky bracelet or pendant at Local Charm (in Boston Logan) – there’s something for everyone nowadays in our Airports 2.0. If you find yourself in Denver International Airport, there’s quite an array of jewelry stores to choose from, from Denver-authentic handcrafted creations (Colorado Collection) to jewelry on a budget cubic zirconium at DiamondFireCZ. My favorite though has got to be Earth Spirit Jewelry in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – a fabulous collection of Native American designs, both modern and traditional. And if you’re in London Heathrow (LHR), you will love Bulgari, Cartier, and Omega for some classic time-piece shopping (and something the fella is bound to fall in love with!).

Indigenous Gift Shop in Phoenix, AZ

5. Art on the fly

Now that you’re wined, dined, shopped, and properly romanced (before your trip has really even begun!), can you can relax and enjoy the ambience. Yes, airports have ambience. If you don’t believe me, check out the gorgeous Native American, Western, and other unique rotating art exhibits scattered throughout PHX. They even have a gallery space devoted to show-casing local artists. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) similarly has a great Art Program, with an emphasis on modern art, and can even offer a guided walking tour and/or a Podcast taking you step by step through the exhibits.
Chris Williams sculptures and art

You’ve pampered, dined, shopped, and enriched yourself before even stepping foot on the plane. But I’ve saved the best for last. So if you still have a few moments to spare, consider taking in…

6. A great view.

Watching planes take off and land seems so obvious and boring. Happens all the time in the airport right? But think about it, this is truly an amazing feat of technological advancement and human will. I mean, imagine what it would take to put a 100,000+ lb object into the sky? It makes you ponder how far we’ve come, and where we still can go. Literally. An airplane taking off or landing, sprinkled against the backdrop of a perfect sunset, with a martini (or glass of wine) in one hand, and your sweetheart’s hand in the other – what’s more romantic than that?

More about Chandra

Chandra Jacobs, co founder of Tripchi airport app

Chandra is passionate about travel and technology. Thinking of new and innovate ways to employ technology to solve real business problems is what keeps her up at night. She loves working on the global level, across various cultures, customs, and continents--and this is demonstrated in her history. Traveling is her passion - she's visited over 40 countries, lived in 4, and worked in 3. She's always up for a new adventure. Chandra is also the co-founder of airport travel-tech startup tripchi - a mobile app that helps you make the most of your time in the airport. It serves up recommendations of things to do in the airport based on your personality, interests and flight info, and offers exclusive deals on food, drink, and shopping opportunities, the ability to connect with other travelers, as well as detailed content to explore the airport.

Connect with Chandra on Twitter @tripchi and email her at
Learn more about Tripchi and visit their blog!



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