Monday, November 11, 2013

Wicked Awesome Boston Souvenirs!

I recently teamed up with to share my experiences, and souvenirs, from Boston. offers "A traveler's guide to shopping for the best souvenirs, gifts and local stuff." And we're not talking about mass produced chotskies. Souvenir Finder helps you discover items that are special, that you can't find anywhere else, and, most importantly, that remind you of your travels.

For me, it was a few simple things that I brought back to LA that remind me of the time I lived in my Red Sox cap! That I wore the second the Dodgers were out of the running for the World Series =)

Check the entire article here!
An LA transplant shops Boston for wicked good souvenirs!

What are your favorite souvenirs to pick up while on vacation? Do you look for something special or silly? Do you have prized souvenir? Leave a comment!


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