Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pit Walk at the Circuit of the Americas - Austin Grand Prix

Due to popular demand after posting Grand Prix Weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, I have decided to extend my post on the US Grand Prix in Austin, TX. Who knew so many of you were F1 fans!

I actually felt like I left out a lot in the previous post so I'm excited to share a few more photos from the big race weekend!


One event I didn't talk about was Thursday’s Pit Walk. During this event, season ticket holders are allowed onto the actual track and in the pits. Normally, you cannot go anywhere near this area!

Whether you are a Ferrari fan or not, you cannot deny that fans begin to stand outside their pits long before the garage doors open. But I will admit that the Red Bull pits were popular too! During this time you can watch the teams prepare for the race. Some even

practice pits stops!



Here is the Ferrari team going to work! If you have never seen a live race pit stop, let me tell you, this is actually very slow! During the race, pit stops are usually around 3 seconds!

Although I didn’t have a chance to get my camera out fast enough, I must mention the Sauber team. These guys were not messing around. They were in full gear, performing real time stops. They were even drilled and had to make split second decisions as to which tires to put on the car.

The pit walk is also your chance to see the cars up close. It’s pretty amazing to see the technology, every millimeter is strategically designed. It’s even more impressive to hear them up close! Do not attempt without earplugs, trust me!

If you are feeling energetic, you can walk the front straight away, but not the entire3.4 miles of the track...although you can attempt it after the race is over. The drivers do it, so I think you should too! Here are some of the views from the track.

Occasionally you will even catch a glimpse of one of the drivers, here is Nico Rosberg.
And here we have a photo op with “Jenson Button” and “Sergio Perez” from the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.


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