Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Blog - What's the best about Italy?

On occasion, the Sonar Travel blog will feature guest blogs from interesting and trustworthy travel bloggers and feature new and exciting stories.

So today I would like to introduce you to Agata from nullnfull.com. We met during a #wegosolo chat and discovered that we have a lot in common! We chatted about travel, our Polish heritage, and our love of all things Italian! And today she will be sharing with us the things she loves most Italy! Enjoy!
What's the best about Italy?

When I have started my adventure with Italy more than fifteen years ago everything about Italy was fascinating. And it still is. Despite the fact I had been living in this country for many years, visited themajority of touristic spots and off the beaten path small villages it still marvels me. There is something about this country that is difficult to explain. Something that seduces, takes your breath away and leaves you wordless. What is even more surprising these are not spectacular or wired things. On the contrary: what marvels me about taly is its simplicity.


Well, what can be more basic than food? I can't begin this paragraph without a short comment on Italian coffee, just like I can't begin my day without a creamy cappuccino.  Coffee in Italy, or better say cafe, is exceptional. Each particular kind, starting with normale and ending with ristretto is absolutely paradise like drink.
When I'm not in Italy I'm having a serious problem like millions of the native Italians: where to drink my morning coffee? Love to a good coffee has been growing for years now and, just like the Italians, I bring with me a moka to the end of the world with me.
The Italian traditional kitchen is full of simple ingredients like tomatoes, herbs, zucchini, pumpkin, and their excellent hand made pasta. The main secret behind its remarkable taste is freshness. I had an opportunity to study traditional Italian kitchen from two old ladies in Emilia-Romagna and got their secrets on how to prepare a high quality meal. It ALL needs to be fresh: vegetables and pasta. I was taught how to use a rolling pin, when to add eggs and how to stick two borders of the cappellacci together. And I'm telling you: this is ART!

It's not only about the quality of food. Or about particular tastes of regional dishes. It's about the general eating habits of the Italians. And their celebration of time spent together while at the table. There is no rush just a dusk that comes slowly, bringing coolness and unforgettable taste of good wine and friendship.

Nowhere else you'll find such a variety of landscapes: from idyllic emerald beaches in Sardegna to dramatic high covered with snow peaks of the Dolomites. And it's all accompanied with ancient ruins of lost cities. This is something particular on a global scale and I think that a slow walk around the ancient remains after a warm summer day when you still feel the heat from the stones is awesome. If you are sensitive to beauty of nature you'll find your paradise in Italy. Leaving behind the touristic spots you'll discover a stunning beauty here. 

No words to describe it so let me show you some pictures and let you to decide whether it is worthy to visit Italy.

For some, Italians are difficult to deal with. They have a poor international reputation of being loud, noisy and obsessed with eating. While some of these are true, living in Italy has changed my view on the Italians completely. What I love about them is their friendliness towards neighbors, their curiosity of the world, their love to their own country/region/city and their passion to travel. Now, I know that media are showing some pictures with full of hostility of the Italians towards foreigners but as far as I'm concern I have never experienced it in person. Instead, I met lovely people, full of cordiality, ready to share their stories, culture and love to their tradition.  

This list might go on and on very long. Italy has exceptional cultural and sport events, rich museums and scenic routes but I think the rest needs to be discovered by yourself. So, when do you plan to visit Italy?

About Agata 

Agata is a writer, traveler and blogger. She has travelled to 20+ countries, lived in Italy for many years, and runs a travel blog focused on off the beaten path destinations. Her best holiday combines: trekking in the mountains, visiting famous museums and eating local food. She also loves travel literature and so when she is not traveling you’ll find her sitting in the most comfortable armchair with a travel book in her hand.

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  1. I can't agree with you more on Italian coffee...definitely had one of the best cappuccino's I've ever had in my life on my trip to Italy! I'm not a big coffee drinker so I don't know what makes it special...but wow, it just tasted like nothing I've had before!

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