Monday, August 12, 2013

Travel NON Essentials – Things you think you need to pack but don’t

Want to know what NOT to pack? Read on!

Last week we talked about “Travel Essentials You Didn't Think to Pack” but the truth is, it's easy to add but difficult to subtract. So I wanted to provide some guidelines to help you pack the right stuff and the leave the rest at home. Especially if you suffer from What If Packing Syndrome (What if I get invited to a fancy ball and need my full length gown???), this will help you narrow down your selections.

Leave your daily beauty regime at home

This one is mostly for the ladies, but some guys are guilty of it too. I enjoy my exfoliating mask and body scrub in the shower as much as the next guy. And I have 4, yes 4, different creams I use each day. But the truth is that nothing is going to happen to my face if I use just one face cream for a week. Bring your essentials and leave the rest of the regime at home.
In addition, you can probably pick up a travel size soap or nail polish remover once you are at your destination. It won’t weigh you suit case down on the way there or back, just toss it before you leave.

Leave your gadgets at home

We all have those little gadgets that make life a little easier or little more fun. But chances are you wont need your book light, you can put on your shoes just fine without your shoehorn and you’ll survive without your toothbrush sanitizer.


Leave your jewelry at home

This should be a no brainer. Unless you’re spending a week at the Hotel Paris in Monaco, it's probably not a good idea to be traipsing around a foreign city in your fancy jewelry. And that new statement necklace you just bought may be trendy but it will probably also take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Pick out some simple jewelry that you could live without if you lost it and don’t wear anything that’s going to make you a target. That ring may be a CZ, but a thief won’t know that and you don’t want to even put yourself in that position.

WIPS - What If Packing Syndrome

In my last blog we talked the travel essentials phrase:  “Do I have the things I can’t live without?”  

And today we have another travel essential phrase you should NOT use: “What if…”
“What if I get invited to a fancy ball?” “What if I need my gigantic sunhat? It might be hot in December” “What if I go to concert, I’ll need my cool ripped jeans and Ramones t-shirt”

The possibilities are endless! If at any point you are starring at something trying to decide if you should pack or not and these words escape your lips, you probably don’t need it. Pack what you know you will need and stop playing the “what if” game. If you do happen to go get invited to fancy ball, go buy a dress.

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And for more travel tips check out Travel Safety - 12 Easy Tips and Travel Nightmares! How to avoid them & how to deal with them!


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